Monday, August 8, 2011

Jeff Murray writes about An Intimate View

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Comments received:

Jan, I'm not sure if its relation to your work or reflection from your teaching but I can sure relate to what you were quoted as saying about your photography. I will take a day on a weekend and just drive the rural roads with no preset destination in mind looking for photo opts. I often move in to photograph one thing that I had seen from my car or motorcycle and turn around and see something totally out of the ordinary almost leaping out at me to photograph it. I still like looking for extreme contrast like something very beautiful contrasted by something very plain and ordinary. I am determined as redneck as it sounds to one day buy a bucket truck just so I can get up in the air high enough to get those angles over top of all the power lines etc.


Dear Jan,
I was able to see the actual article in The Star Gazette. It was a very good article. I am glad you are being recognized for your wonderful artwork.

I just saw you in the Star Gazette! How fabulous!

Your photos always blow me away, Jan! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy them!


You did the Broad Street shuffle! There is some fantastic material there with its eccentric shops - some of them ghost shops! I hope I didn't miss your Waverly Library exhibition - I'm going there today!


that is a wonderful article with some great photos! Well done!

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