Thursday, August 11, 2011

A comment sent 8-11-2011

Wendy Beckett, The Gaze Of Love:

"The eye that sees nobility and beauty in what another would regard as
ordinary is the eye of prayer."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pauline Cleveland talks about An Intimate View

Pauline Cleveland kindly described some of the reactions of patrons (and herself!) to the photographs in An Intimate View during the weeklong exhibition at the Waverly Free Library, August 2-9, 2011.

Artist Crossroads Project
is made possible, in part,
with public funds from
New York State Council on the Arts' Decentralization Program,
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The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nature's colors in the photo of the crossroads in Tyrone
harmonized with the color scheme of the
Schuyler Hospital reception area.

The photograph of the dolls was taken through
a shop window in Waverly.

The Waverly Free Library posed the question to their patrons:
Can you name the local store of one of the photographs?

The answer was right around the corner:
Sammy's Swap Shop on Broad Street!

Comment about the show at the Waverly Free Library

I just saw selections from "An Intimate View" in Waverly. Love the storefronts displaying such an eclectic collection of weathered wares. The objects reveal so much about "place." And, of course, the reflections provide much content - the photograph with the gumball machine even offers an intimate view of the artist herself! It's a bit startling to suddenly recognize the, yes, intimate activity of the artist in such a literal way in the piece itself! Good rich stuff! I liked your writing as well. Oh, and the dolls - My initial thought was that they were in the window of "Four Seasons" the ceramic shop fronting the adult book store, but when I drove up through, I didn't see them there. But wait........don't tell me........!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jeff Murray writes about An Intimate View

Click here to see the article on line!

Comments received:

Jan, I'm not sure if its relation to your work or reflection from your teaching but I can sure relate to what you were quoted as saying about your photography. I will take a day on a weekend and just drive the rural roads with no preset destination in mind looking for photo opts. I often move in to photograph one thing that I had seen from my car or motorcycle and turn around and see something totally out of the ordinary almost leaping out at me to photograph it. I still like looking for extreme contrast like something very beautiful contrasted by something very plain and ordinary. I am determined as redneck as it sounds to one day buy a bucket truck just so I can get up in the air high enough to get those angles over top of all the power lines etc.


Dear Jan,
I was able to see the actual article in The Star Gazette. It was a very good article. I am glad you are being recognized for your wonderful artwork.

I just saw you in the Star Gazette! How fabulous!

Your photos always blow me away, Jan! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy them!


You did the Broad Street shuffle! There is some fantastic material there with its eccentric shops - some of them ghost shops! I hope I didn't miss your Waverly Library exhibition - I'm going there today!


that is a wonderful article with some great photos! Well done!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Neysa Bender Talks about An Intimate View

Neysa Bender kindly spoke about how the photographs of AN INTIMATE VIEW [on view at the Dormann Library (August 3-9)] make her think about her past.

Mark Bart Talks about AN INTIMATE VIEW

Dormann Library: An Intimate View

Mark Bart of Bath, NY views the photos that are located on the shelf above the biographies at the Dormann Library.

Like other viewers, Mark asked about the photo substrate. Although it looks like glass, it's actually printed on metal.

All four counties are represented in this installation.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Waverly Free Library Installation

I am hoping someone from Waverly will recognize one of the photos as a storefront on Broad Street!

Library patrons are invited to take a postcard or brochure.

Waverly Free Library Installation

Tioga, Chemung and Steuben Counties are represented in the display at the Waverly Free Library (August 2-9).

Schuyler Hospital Installation Photos

While setting up my photographs, I met a family from Beaver Dams in the emergency room area. Their son/grandson had strep throat that needed to be treated. The young ones were curious and started asking questions, however, they didn't want to be recorded or photographed. Mom did ask me to photograph her with her youngest son, which I did. Here are some of their comments:

Young man with strep throat: "What is that photograph made of? Is it on glass?" His throat hurt him and he didn't really care to talk, but he was interested in the process.

Grandfather: "That is what cellphones are for." He pulled his cellphone out to show me a photo of beautiful sunset that he had taken. My photo of the Chemung River reminded him of the Adirondacks, though "the rocks are more like big boulders in the Adirondacks." An upcoming fishing expedition came to mind, and they enthusiastically described a camping trip to the north country.

The glacier that crept across this part of New York State during the Ice Age left some wonderful small lakes, like Cayuta Lake in Alpine. The day I photographed, I found many people launching their boats to enjoy a day on the water. I was more intrigued by the plantlife floating on and under the surface of the water. So many colors and shapes that shifted, depending on how I stood in relation to the sun shining on the water!

The image above is of the Chemung River in Steuben County and is the only print at Schuyler Hospital that is NOT of a place in Schuyler County. I lived many years in Schuyler County and am most enamored of all the bodies of water there, from Seneca Lake to Havanna Glen, to Cayuta "Little" Lake. The photograph below was taken at the intersection of Routes 226 and 23 in Tyrone.